From the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture. Each year, the ASEV Best Paper Committee completes an evaluation of all research papers published in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture for the prior year. The committee selects one paper in the field of enology and one in the field of viticulture that is deemed outstanding in its content and a substantial contribution to the field.

2013 Best Viticulture Paper
Foliar Application of Abscisic Acid Increases Freezing Tolerance of Field-Grown Vitis vinifera Cabernet franc Grapevines
Y. Zhang and I. Dami
AJEV 63:377-384 (2012)

2013 Best Enology Paper
Profiling the Yeast Communities of Wine Fermentations Using Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis
N. Bokulich, C. Hwang, S. Liu, K. Boundy-Mills, and D. Mills
AJEV 63:185-194 (2012)

2012 Best Viticulture Paper
Powdery Mildew Severity as a Function of Canopy Density: Associated Impacts on Sunlight Penetration and Spray Coverage
C. Austin, G. Grove, J. Meyers, and W. Wilcox
AJEV 62:23-31 (2011)

2012 Best Enology Paper
Relative Efficacy of High-Pressure Hot Water and High-Power Ultrasonics for Oak Barrel Sanitization
F. Schmid, P. Grbin, A. Yap and V. Jiranek
AJEV 62:519-526 (2011)

2011 Best Viticulture Paper
Physiological Thresholds for Efficient Regulated Deficit-Irrigation Management in Winegrapes Grown Under Semiarid Conditions
P. Romero, J.I. Fernández-Fernández, and A. Martinez-Cutillas
AJEV 61:300-312 (2010)

2011 Best Enology Paper
Effect of Simulated Shipping Conditions on Sensory Attributes and Volatile Composition of Commercial White and Red Wines
A.L. Robinson, M. Mueller, H. Heymann, S.E. Ebeler, P.K. Boss, P.S. Solomon, and R.D. Trengove
AJEV 61:337-347 (2010)

2010 Best Viticulture Paper
Profiles of Abscisic Acid and Its Catabolites in Developing Merlot Grape (Vitis vinifera) Berries
S.J. Owen, M.D. Lafond, P. Bowen, C. Bogdanoff, K. Usher and S.R. Abrams
AJEV 60:277-284 (2009)

2010 Best Enology Paper
Chemical and Sensory Effects of Saignée, Water Addition, and Extended Maceration on High Brix Must
J.F. Harbertson, M.S. Mireles, E.D. Harwood, K.M. Weller and C.F. Ross
AJEV 60:450-460 (2009)

2009 Best Viticulture Paper
Berry Temperature and Solar Radiation Alter Acylation, Proportion, and Concentration of Anthocyanin in Merlot Grapes
J.M. Tarara, J. Lee, S.E. Spayd and C.F. Scagel
AJEV 59:235-247 (2008)

2009 Best Enology Paper
Analysis of the Major Hexose Transporter Genes in Wine Strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
J.E. Karpel, W.R. Place and L.F. Bisson
AJEV 59:265-275 (2008)

2008 Best Viticulture Paper
Effect of Pruning on Recovery and Productivity of Cold-Injured Merlot Grapevines
M. Keller and L.J. Mills
AJEV 58:351-357 (2007)

2008 Best Enology Paper
Interaction of Sulfur Dioxide, Polyphenols, and Oxygen in a Wine-Model System: Central Role of Iron and Copper
J.C. Danilewicz
AJEV 58:53-60 (2007)

2007 Best Viticulture Paper
Pierce’s Disease Symptoms: Comparison with Symptoms of Water Deficit and the Impact of Water Deficits (658 KB)
E.T. Thorne, J.F. Stevenson, T.L. Rost, J.M. Labavitch, and M.A. Matthews
AJEV 57:1-11 (2006)

2007 Best Enology Paper
Genetic and Physiological Characterization of Brettanomyces bruxellensis Strains Isolated from Wines (258 KB)
L. Conterno, C.M.L. Joseph, T.J. Arvik, T. Henick-Kling, and L.F. Bisson
AJEV 57:139-147 (2006)

2006 Best Viticulture Paper
Bud Microclimate and Fruitfulness in Vitis vinifera L. (740 KB)
L.A. Sánchez and N.K. Dokoozlian
AJEV 56:319-329 (2005)

2006 Best Enology Paper
Validation of a Solid-Phase Microextraction Method for Headspace Analysis of Wine Aroma Compounds (200 KB)
K.L. Howard, J.H. Mike, and R. Riesen
AJEV 56:37-45 (2005)

2005 Best Viticulture Paper
Sensory Attributes of Cabernet Sauvignon Wines Made from Vines with Different Crop Yields (120 KB)
D.M. Chapman, M.A. Matthews, and J.X. Guinard
AJEV 55:325-334 (2004)

2005 Best Enology Paper
Studies on the Wine Spoilage Capacity of Brettanomyces/Dekkera spp (670 KB)
P. Silva, H. Cardoso, and H. Gerós
AJEV 55:65-72 (2004)

2004 Best Viticulture Paper
Grapevine Root System and Soil Characteristics in a Vineyard Maintained Long-term with or without Interrow Sward
R. Morlat and A. Jacquet
AJEV 54:1-7 (2003)

2004 Best Enology Paper
Influence of Sulfur Dioxide on the Formation of Aldehydes in White Wine
S.K. Frivik and S.E. Ebeler
AJEV 54:31-38 (2003)

2003 Best Viticulture Paper
Separation of Sunlight and Temperature Effects on the Composition of Vitis vinifera cv. Merlot Berries
S.E. Spayd, J.M. Tarara, D.L. Mee, and J.C. Ferguson
AJEV 53:171-182 (2002)

2003 Best Enology Paper
Effect of Bacteriocins Pediocin PD-1, Plantaricin 423, and Nisin on Biofilms of Oenococcus oeni on a Stainless Steel Surface
H.A. Nel, R. Bauer, G.M. Wolfaardt, and L.M.T. Dicks
AJEV 53:191-196 (2002)

2002 Best Viticulture Paper
Sunlight Exposure and Temperature Effects on the Berry Growth and Composition of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California
J. Bergqvist, N.K. Dokoozlian, and N. Ebisuda
AJEV 52:1-7 (2001)

2002 Best Enology Paper
Identification of Brettanomyces/Dekkera Species Based on Polymorphism in the rRNA Internal transcribed Spacer Region
C.M. Egli and T. Henick-Kling
AJEV 52:241-247 (2001)

2001 Best Viticulture Paper
Leaf Canopy Structure and Vine Performance
M.C. Vasconselos and S. Castagnoli
AJEV 51:390:396 (2000)

2001 Best Enology Paper
Evaluation of Cell Concentration Profiles and Mixing in Unagitated Wine Fermentors
S. Vlassides and D.E. Block
AJEV 51:73-80 (2000)

2000 Best Viticulture Paper
Grape Phylloxera Populations Adapted to Vitis berlandieri x V. riparia Rootstocks
L. Kocsis, J. Granett, M.A. Walker, H. Lin and A.D. Omer
AJEV 50:101-106 (1999)

2000 Best Enology Paper
Relative Impact of Major Wine Polysaccharides on the Performance of an Organic Microfiltration Membrane
A. Vernhet, P. Pellerin, M.P. Belleville, J. Planque, and M. Moutounet
AJEV 50:51-56 (1999)

1999 Best Viticulture Paper
Evaluating Resistance to Grape Phylloxera in Vitis Species with an in vitro Dual Culture Assay
W. Grzegorczyk and M.A. Walker
AJEV 49:17-22 (1998)

1999 Best Enology Paper
Imbalance of pH and Potassium Concentration as a Cause of Stuck Fermentations
M. Kudo, P. Vagnoli, and L.F. Bisson
AJEV 49:295-301 (1998)

1998 Best Viticulture Paper
Impact of Feeding Injury by Eastern Grape Leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on Yield and Juice Quality of Concord Grapes
T.E. Martinson, R. Dunst, A. Lakso, and G. English-Loeb
AJEV 48:291-302 (1997)

1998 Best Enology Paper
Malolactic Fermentation in Grape Musts by a Genetically Engineered Strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
H. Volschenk, M. Viljoen, J. Grobler, F. Bauer, A. Lonvaud-Funel, M. Denayrolles, R.E. Subden, and H.J.J. van Vuuren
AJEV 48:193-197 (1997)

1997 Best Viticulture Paper
The Influence of Phosphorus Availability, Scion, and Rootstock on Grapevine Shoot Growth, Leaf Area and Petiole Phosphorus Concentration
R.S. Grant and M.A. Matthews
AJEV 47:217-224 (1996)

1997 Best Enology Paper
Direct Enumeration and Isolation of Wine Yeasts from Grape Surfaces
A. Martini, M. Ciani, and G. Scorzetti
AJEV 47:435-440 (1996)

1996 Best Viticulture Paper
Influence of Crop Load on Photosynthesis and Dry Matter Partitioning of Seyval Grapevines. II. Seasonal Changes in Single Leaf and Whole Vine Photosynthesis
C.E. Edson, G.S. Howell, and J.A. Flore
AJEV 46:469-477 (1995)

1996 Best Enology Paper
Amino Acid and Ammonium Utilization by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Wine Yeasts from a Chemically Defined Medium
V. Jiranek, P. Langridge, and P.A. Henschke
AJEV 46:75-83 (1995)

1995 Best Viticulture Paper
Inflorescence Necrosis Induced from Ammonium Incubation and Deterred by a-Keto-Glutarate and Ammonium Assimilation in Pinot Noir Grapevines
S. Gu, P.B. Lombard, and S.F. Price
AJEV 45:155-160 (1994)

1995 Best Enology Paper
Influence of Yeast Walls on the Behavior of Aroma Compounds in a Model Wine
S. Lubbers, C. Charpentier, M. Feuillat, and A. Voilley
AJEV 45:29-33 (1994)

1994 Best Viticulture Paper
Nitrogen Fertilization of White Riesling Grapes in Washington: Nitrogen Seasonal Effects on Bud Cold Hardiness and Carbohydrate Reserves
R.L. Wample, S.E. Spayd, R.G. Evans, and R.G. Stevens
AJEV 44:159-167 (1993)

1994 Best Enology Paper
The Volatile Composition of Chardonnay Juices: A Study by Flavor Precursor Analysis
M.A. Sefton, I.L. Francis, and P.J. Williams
AJEV 44:359-370 (1993)

1993 Best Viticulture Paper
Use of F(ab0)2 Antibody Fragment in ELISA for Detection of Grapevine Viruses
A. Rowhani
AJEV 43:38-40 (1992)

1993 Best Enology Paper
Anthocyanin – Tannin Interactions Explaining Differences in Polymeric Phenols Between White and Red Wines
V.L. Singleton and E.K. Trousdale
AJEV 43:63-70 (1992)

1992 Best Viticulture Paper
Enviromental and Hormonal Effects on Development of Early Bunch Stem Necrosis
D.I. Jackson
AJEV 42:290-294 (1991)

1992 Best Enology Paper
The Contribution of Hydrolyzed Flavor Precursors to Qualify Differences in Shiraz Juice and Wines: An Investigation by Sensory Descriptive Analysis
N.A. Abbott, B.G. Coombe, and P.J. Williams
AJEV 42:167-174 (1991)

1991 Best Viticulture Paper
Distribution and Translocation of Nitrogen Absorbed during Late Spring by Two-Year-Old Grapevines Grown in Sand Culture
W.J. Conradie
AJEV 41:241-250 (1990)

1991 Best Enology Paper
Production of Decanoic Acid and Other Volatile Compounds and the Growth of Yeast and Malolactic Bacteria during Vinification
C.G. Edwards, R.B. Beelman, C.E. Bartley, and A.L. McConnell
AJEV 41:48-56 (1990)

1990 Best Viticulture Paper
Uptake, Storage and Utilization of Soil-applied Nitrogen by Thompson Seedless as Affected by Time of Application
W.L. Peacock, L.P. Christensen, and F.E. Broadbent
AJEV 40:16-20 (1989)

1990 Best Enology Paper
Ethyl Carbamate Formation in Wine: Use of Radioactively Labeled Precursors to Demonstrate the Involvement of Urea
F.F. Monteiro, E.K. Trousdale, and L.F. Bisson
AJEV 40:1-8 (1989)

1989 Best Viticulture Paper
Fruit Ripening in Vitis Vinifera L: Responses to Seasonal Water Deficits
M.A. Matthews and M.M. Anderson
AJEV 39:313-320 (1988)

1989 Best Enology Paper
Adsorption of Protein by Bentonite in a Model Wine Solution
W.H. Blade and R. Boulton
AJEV 39:193-199 (1988)

1988 Best Viticulture Paper
Distribution of Solutes within the Developing Grape Berry in Relation to its Morphology
B.G. Coombe
AJEV 38:120-127 (1987)

1988 Best Enology Paper
Heat-Unstable Proteins in Wine. I. Characterization and Removal by Bentonite Fining and Heat Treatment
J.C. Hsu and D.A. Heatherbell
AJEV 38:11-16 (1987)

1987 Best Viticulture Paper
Stomatal Response of Three Grapevine Cultivars (Vitis Vinifera L.) to High Temperature
G. Sepúlveda and W.M. Kliewer
AJEV 37:44-52 (1986)

1987 Best Enology Paper
The Determination of Anthocyanins in Aging Red Wines: Comparison of HPLC and Spectral Methods
J. Bakker, N.W. Preston, and C.F. Timberlake
AJEV 37:121-126 (1986)

1986 Best Viticulture Paper
A Study of Mineral Nutrition Relationships of Waterberry in Thompson Seedless
L.P. Christensen and J.D. Boggero
AJEV 36:57-64 (1985)

1986 Best Enology Paper
Caftaric Acid Disappearance and Conversion to Products of Enzymic Oxidation in Grape Must and Wine
V.L. Singleton, M. Salgues, J. Zaya, and E. Trousdale
AJEV 36:50-56 (1985)

1985 Best Viticulture Paper
Effect of Crop Level on Growth, Yield and Wine Quality of a High Yielding Carignane Vineyard
B. Bravdo, Y. Hepner, C. Loinger, S. Cohen, and H. Tabacman
AJEV 35:247-252 (1984)

1985 Best Enology Paper
A Study of the Biogenesis of Amines in a Villard Noir Wine
C. Buteau, C.L. Duitschaever, and G.C. Ashton
AJEV 35:228-236 (1984)

1984 Best Viticulture Paper
Effects of Irrigation and Pruning of Shiraz Grapevines on Subsequent Red Wine Pigments
B.M. Freeman
AJEV 34:23-26 (1983)

1984 Best Enology Paper
Modeling and Prediction of Evaporative Ethanol Loss during Wine Fermentations
L.A. Williams and R. Boulton
AJEV 34:234-242 (1983)

1983 Best Viticulture Paper
The Effect of Vine Spacing and Trellising on Yield and Fruit Quality of Shiraz Grapevines
P.R. Hedberg and J. Raison
AJEV 33:20-30 (1982)

1983 Best Enology Paper
Glycerol Production of Various Strains of Saccharomyces
F. Radler and H. Schütz
AJEV 33:36-40 (1982)

1982 Best Viticulture Paper
Physiology of Flowering in the Grapevine — A Review
C. Srinivasan and M.G. Mullins
AJEV 32:47-63 (1981)

1982 Best Enology Paper
The Contribution of Some Fermentation Products to the Odor of Dry White Wines
C.A. van der Merwe and C.J. van Wyk
AJEV 32:41-46 (1981)